Fishfinger's animations turn impossibility into reality. We are experts at creating 2D motion graphics and 3D animations.

Great animations are ideal for conveying concepts in beautiful simplicity or creating stunning, lifelike visuals. A 30 second animation changes pages of dull and lifeless text into 'must see' content.

Fishfinger's animations portray personality, character and humour (where humour will help) into your brand.

We Fishfingers get seriously excited by video creation especially when we suspect they might go viral! We turn ideas on their heads and only, where absolutely necessary, will we use cats.

Meticulous planning, unrestrained creativity, precise execution and unbridled passion are the key factors in all of our projects.

Fishfinger's expert promotion team ensures that your video gets seen by people who count.

We are masters of advertising. We specialise in turning the most boring product or service into the next worldwide (or at least national) craze.

Whether you are looking for a fresh take on an existing product or launching from scratch, we'll Fishfinger it to the MAX!

We never play it safe!* Your advert will be remembered and acted upon.

*If you're looking for the gentle/tame approach, then Fishfinger really ain't for you. There's lots of other agencies out there who'll play it safe!

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