The Fishfinger Dream Team

 | September 22, 2016
 | September 22, 2016

Breathe a sigh of relief… take a deep breath… the Premier League has returned.

Or as I like to call it Le Football, I love watching 22 grown men chase a bag of air around a field “Just win a goal!!” Yes I am a man of fine taste when it comes to the world of the footie.

I like to imagine making a team of my very own to take on the top flight – Go on Fishfingers Untied!

In goal we have Leicester backup keeper 

Shark Schwarzer

In defense

Arsenal’s Grouper Mertesacker

And Middlesbough’s Jonathan Woodskate

Plus make-shift wing backs

Liverpool youngster Lazar Sharkovic

Experienced Swansea Wayne Troutledge

In the middle of the pond

Another Arsenal old boy Tunas Rosicky

Evertonian Ross Sharkley

An Liverpudlian Philippe Troutinho

On the wings!

Stoke magic man Sharko Arnautovic

And hull’s Robert Snodbass

At the top of the wave 

AFC Bournemouth’s Joshua Kingmackel


Alongside my very tasty looking team of Fishfingers, this year has seen my friend Rory, the lion on the Premier League logo, get a fresh new look.



I asked Rory how he felt about his new portrait, he said “As a Lion its important to look distinguished, at 24 years old (that’s 168 in cat years) things can droop a little, so I like the new selfie style shot”.

Personally, I think they have preserved his dignity with simple block shaping and bold colours. What’s really nice to see is that this design has expanded out into all media touch points.

Printed materials follow the same strong and bold use of colour, whilst toning down any additional details. It allows the graphics and images to focus on the subject matter.


 For the telly, there is a clear consistency. The graphics are loaded into the viewpoint in a simple yet slick manner. It still holds a loud and exciting look, but achieves this in an almost modest manner.


It’s wonderful to see how they have pulled details from Rory’s icon to create larger graphics. The mane of the icon has clearly inspired the ZigZag pattern that is used as a large spread graphic.


 There is something lovely about stripping down the graphics so that the subject matter does the hard work; Le Football is exciting by itself. Great imagery and bold quotes help capture the emotive approach fans take to every game!

Even the football has been elegantly stamped with dear Rory’s face!


Watching the PL is now one of the most consistent visuals. I think we may be witnessing the first tastefully designed football… less bling, less Bentley, more Monet?