Monsieur Le Chef Olympics Art Showdown

 | August 24, 2016
 | August 24, 2016

Ahh.. The Olympics, a time when everyone has an opinion on sports we have never heard of! You can win gold by jumping on a trampoline? To be fair, didn’t Great Britain do amazingly well? I seem to become the harshest critic, a gymnast does a triple back-front flip lands it and takes a tiny step and I scoff. Obviously, all of this is done whilst sitting on the couch stuffing my face with horderves.

Laura Trott and Jason Kenny definitely left Rio rather full of themselves but can you blame them? Five competitions between them and they bagged five golds. I mean I could have probably done it, being a tour de France winner and all that.

It wasn’t only Laura and Jason who achieved gold; Andy Murray became the first male tennis player to win two Olympic singles titles. He played for hours and hours – yeah that’s impressive but personally, I would have used the racket to dice my fish fingers into little cubes… so who is the real winner here?

It could be said Max Whitlox was a Minnow coming into the events however, he managed to shock everyone and bag himself Britain’s first-ever Olympic gymnastics gold medal with victory in the men’s floor. Cod he was good, I couldn’t really fault his performance so my critic side was low key!

As for golf, doesn’t take much out of you. You just flounder around hitting a ball; I’ve done more… if you’re looking for a real achievement I have finely crafted a collection of the most talented fish fingers since records began. Anyhow, Justin Rose scooped gold in Olympic golf without fishing for compliments. You should try being Monsieur Le Chef; it’s definitely an experience of a lifetime.

As a true connoisseur of all things creative, there has been a race running for the finest attempts to capture the Olympic spirit. There are some real winners surrounding these events. Here is how my favorite pieces of Rio fan artwork line up.

In lane 1: Parisian Kim Roselier has produced a flipping great series of Olympians doing crazy things. I think this one shows he is really on the rise!


In lane 2: Brazilian Leo Natsume has really got into the spirit of things, it fair to say he is lifting his fair share of weight in promoting Brazil! This concept artwork for Google is really showing off his form. He’s clearly no dumbbell, we look forward to seeing what’s next for Leo.


Lane 3: Tim Tadder, represent team USA and shows he’s no fish out of water with his triple exposure graphic. Capturing a moody piece,  that I think makes a real splash.


Lane 4: Sandeep Melepurakkal from Dubai, shows us how to montage, with a wonderfully simple piece.


Lane 5: The second Brazilian in the lineup Rafael Zenatti features everyone’s favourite Jamaican. Personally, I reckon my little fish fingers could take Usain, but hats of to Rafael he’s loaded to the gills with talent, a wonderfully simple tribute to a fantastic athlete.


Lane 6: A tidal wave of passion has gone into this digital painting by Javier Salman from Argentina. It seems right to throw his artwork in the mix to see if he can grab a hold of a gold!


Wrapping up our competitors in lane 7 is our second entrant from the great US of A, he clearly appreciates those who enjoy rolling around in circles on bicycles. Jesse Moore has got into gear and put together a nice retro piece.


So without further ado, on your marks, get set, go! They all make a great start, it’s truly neck and neck, we have a few break-a-ways, in lanes 1,2, 3 and 5. As we approach the final stretch, they are impressively close and we cross the line!  It’s a tough call but for me it’s a Brazilian 1 – 2 with the Frenchman picking up the bronze! A big round of applause for our gold medal winner Leo!

Credit where credit is due, I’d just like to say massive congratulations to the whole of the Great Britain team; you did rather swimmingly let’s hope none of you ending up pulling a mussel.

Anyway that’s enough of me carping on. I’ll put a few squid on the table that this was our best Olympics yet. Monsieur Le Chef signing out.